Ascension Dance Pre-Project Reflections

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Reflections

Ashley – Ascension 

Established in 2017, Ascension Dance, based in Coventry, is committed to promoting the universal benefits of dance and movement across diverse communities.

In 2019, we initiated Ascension Youth, aiming to inspire young individuals through dance and movement. In alignment with our commitment to sustainable practices and amplifying youth voices, we eagerly anticipate supporting Ascension Youth’s involvement in projects that prioritize advocacy, learning, and climate action. Recognizing that the future lies in our hands, we believe it is crucial to create opportunities within our organization for the younger generation to voice their concerns on relevant issues. We are enthusiastic about fostering discussions where the youth can express their thoughts through dance and movement, shedding light on why climate awareness is a vital topic that deserves discussion and advocacy.

This will be the first opportunity for us to co-create a performance based on a theme so prevalent to your youth, and we hope this marks the beginning of using our medium to inspire others to embrace positive climate actions in their lives.

We are exciting about working with VERTEX & SOAR, our groups aged 11 – 14 as part of Acting on Climate.  

Ben Morley – Ascension 

“Ascension Dance produces work that unifies contemporary dance and a raw physicality to create visceral and striking visual illustrations. With a keen focus on human interactions and relationships, Ascension Dance pushes the boundaries of communication through high velocity physical encounters, which soar, slide and crash in the pursuit of unravelling what it means to connect with the places and humans around us. Just about my practice. I am the Associate Director of the company Ascension Dance, which was formed in 2017. I perform and lead workshops up and down the UK for the company. 

I studied at Coventry University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Degree in Dance, where he trained in contemporary dance technique, choreography and workshop leadership. I am interested in how contemporary dance can be entwined with other movement styles to develop a new physical language using other forms of movement, such as parkour and other dance styles. 

For me, when it comes to climate and environment, one area that is very close to my heart is keeping the oceans and beaches clean. From a young age, we always went on holiday to the sea and spent our days on the beach and in the sea. Growing up, I started to see the impact of waste and litter on our oceans and beaches. I always support companies who spend their days trying to keep them clean and protect our oceans and beaches. So I’m always curious about what can be done to help and support these companies, what can always be done with all the rubbish, how it can be turned into art, and more. 

I support companies such as, 

I will always help in any way I can in this area, such as something as simple as doing a little pick one evening on the beach or buying products made from recycled items, which then help support these companies. 

As an artist, I’m always looking at this topic of climate to help create work and also to help when it comes to leading workshops in schools to give the information the children need and to let them know how vital our climate and environment are. I would love to go further into this to help with my understanding and show how important this topic is. 

Frankie – Ascension 

My response to climate change exists on a pendulum from societal activism to personal responsibility. With a range of emotions in between, one including overwhelm and fear for the future. In my life, I practise how I can as an individual to feel I’m limiting my carbon footprint. Whether this is committing to a Meat-Free Monday or as a non-driver, taking public transport. I try to not stretch beyond my own needs.  

I am often inspired in my creative work by nature, and always want to maintain a positively symbiotic with the world around me. 


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