Questioning Power and Agency

This interdisciplinary project uses dance, drama, and digital arts to find innovative ways to listen to young people’s ideas, respond to their feelings and co-create new imaginative work.

Our co-created student output questioning power and agency is shared below for use in your classrooms and workshop spaces.

These creative outputs are not designed to be examples of perfect, polished performances, rather, they capture the messiness and unfinishedness of our creative process. Contained within each of the digital films is a series of provocations that we hope will inspire others to act.

Using this film with the PDF RESOURCE PACK provides extra content and ideas for your workshops.

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During the devising process, we explored both our individual and collective responsibility when it comes to environmental impact.

Young people are inheriting a crisis that they have very little responsibility for creating. Individuals in countries in the Global North, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, consume and pollute far more than people in the Global South – countries such as Uganda, Bangladesh or Nigeria. Our individual impacts pale in comparison to the pollution and ecological degradation of multinational corporations.

Who bears responsibility? Who is benefitting from continued pollution? Who has the power and agency to enact change?

The use of games helped us to unpick and reflect on these questions in greater depth and helped us to create a piece of movement expressing the views of the young people (see our RESOURCE pack for more details of our creative process).

As you will see from the video below, the young people wanted to show that it is those with the greatest wealth and power who most need to listen and respond to those experiencing the most severe consequences of the crisis.