Connecting with Land

This interdisciplinary project uses dance, drama, and digital arts to find innovative ways to listen to young people’s ideas, respond to their feelings and co-create new imaginative work.

A number of our co-created student outputs exploring their connection to land are shared below for use in your classrooms and workshop spaces.

These creative outputs are not designed to be examples of perfect, polished performances, rather, they capture the messiness and unfinishedness of our creative process. Contained within each of the digital films is a series of provocations that we hope will inspire others to act.

Using these films with the PDF RESOURCE PACK provides extra content and ideas for your workshops.

Register to get your free PDF download using this link.

Inspired by Canadian-Ukrainian playwright and activist, Andrew Kushnir, we told stories about landscapes or places that we felt a deep personal connection to. 

Here are eight digital performances made by our participants, devised over several sessions using aspects of verbatim theatre-making.

Within our Earth Stories project we worked with a film maker and a digital artist to stage these performances with the use of green screen technology. We understand these technologies may not be available to everyone, however, the devised scenes could be shared as part of a live or filmed performance, classroom outcome or site-specific work or sharing.

The Olive Tree

You Won’t Regret It

The Surreal Beauty of Nature

Growing, Growing…Gone

Our Meeting Place

Why Not Take a Picture

A Place to Escape

I Know This Tree