Our Process Documentary

We are “Acting on Climate” a collective of academic researchers, artists, and practitioners.

We have used arts-led teaching practices to explore young people’s thoughts and opinions on the climate emergency. Through co-creation and a ‘site responsive pedagogy’, we have developed a series of digital performances which tell the young people’s stories of land and their emergent understanding of climate and environmental issues. These performances have been curated in an interactive digital platform with several creative outputs and an exciting immersive space, so that other young people, educators, and academics can navigate the work and respond to it.

This interdisciplinary project uses dance, drama, and digital arts to find innovative ways to listen to young people’s ideas, respond to their feelings and co-create new imaginative work.

These creative outputs are not designed to be examples of perfect, polished performances, rather, they capture the messiness and unfinishedness of our creative process. Contained within each of the digital films is a series of provocations that we hope will inspire others to act.

We know that arts-led teaching can be a powerful tool for unpacking and better understanding societal problems and we hope that the work we have done will inform future research, pedagogical advancement, and support other educators when addressing the climate emergency in their practice.

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